Cisco 100-105 Dumps pratice material

Upon getting the 100-105 CCNA Routing and Switching certification, your skills about Interconnecting Cisco networking devices are validated.

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Question No. 1

Which device allows users to connect to the network using a single or double radio?

Answer: A

Question No. 2

Multicast IP addresses can be grouped into which two address-range assignments? (Choose two.)

Answer: A, B

Question No. 3

From which numeric range can a standard VLAN D be assigned?

Answer: B

Question No. 4

The network manager has requested a 300-workstation expansion of the network. The workstations are to be installed in a single broadcast domain, but each workstation must have its own collision domain. The expansion is to be as cost-effective as possible while still meeting the requirements.

Which three items will adequately fulfill the request? (Choose three).

Answer: A, D, E

To support 300 workstations in a single broadcast domain, we need to use a subnet mask which supports 512 hosts = 29-> /23 or in decimal form -> A is correct.

If we use 48-port switches we need 300/48 = 6.25 -> seven 48-port switches are enough because we also need trunking between them -> D is correct.

We only need one router interface and it is connected with one of seven switches -> E is correct.

Question No. 5

Which statement about DHCP snooping is true?

Answer: A

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